Make sure that enPop is a really cool stuff. Within 14 days you’ll have access to the full functionality of the service. After that you can choose a suitable tariff or refuse using enPop. But then our heart will be broken 🙁

Plan depends on the session amount on your site




up to 50 000 sessions

up to 50 000 sessions — 125 EUR per month

125 EUR per month

up to 100 000 sessions

up to 100 000 sessions — 225 EUR per month

225 EUR per month

up to 200 000 sessions

up to 200 000 sessions — 250 EUR per month

250 EUR per month

up to 500 000 sessions

up to 500 000 sessions — 500 EUR per month

500 EUR per month

from 1 000 000 sessions

from 1 000 000 sessions — Individually


Plan features

  • Exceptional support service

    If the manager does not answer you for a long time, that means he flew to Mars. In other cases, he is in touch around the clock and is ready to solve your problems, offer ideas and like your Instagram posts.

  • Unlimited functionality

    Absolutely all functions are available at any plan. No need for extra payment. If we don’t have required function, and you really need is writing to us. We will fix it.

  • Integration

    We have integration with ExpertSender but can handle any other platform


A session is one site visit of one user. If the user was not active on site and returned after 2 hours, then it will be considered as a new session.

Validity period is 30 days from an activation date.
When the deadline comes too close you should choose a new plan and pay for it. It will be activated automatically when the previous ends.

Remaining sessions expire.

It will be sad. When the sessions are over, your account will be blocked, and popups will stop showing.
Don’t worry. We will surely remind you that the limit is close to zero, so that you don’t forget to activate the tariff for the next month :)

Still Have Questions?

enPop is rich in great managers, all-powerful developers, serious system administrators, creative designers and other cool guys. But our friendly team can’t predict all your questions.

So, feel free to get in touch with us.

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