Where To Place Pop-ups?

Olga Gubareva

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Go to any site of a major brand and you’ll see a pop-up and not just one. You will also notice that pop-ups appear in different parts of the site: center, top or bottom, left or right. Why?

Of course, there are no strict instructions for placing pop-ups, this is not Ikea. Show them wherever you want. The effective location of the pop-up depends on the structure of the site, the design, and the text of the message.


Pop-up in the center of the screen is the most effective option to attract the user’s attention. Of course, the pop-up that covers the main information on the screen is annoying. But only if it doesn’t carry any benefits for the client.
The center location is suitable for:

  • Discount offers for registering as a new user
  • Message about limited or seasonal sales
  • Audience segmentation. Suggest choosing a catalog of men’s or women’s clothing to continue to offer relevant content.
  • A reminder of the unfinished order in a basket and an offer of free shipping or discount

Top or bottom

The location of the pop-up at the top or bottom of the screen is a humane and compromised option. Your advertisement or special offer remains visible, but the pop-up doesn’t prevent the client from navigating the site.
With this pop-up you can:

  • Suggest subscribing to the blog
  • Warn about a limited offer
  • Tell all new visitors about discounts

Right or left

The lateral arrangement of pop-ups is also very popular. Most often the pop-up is placed on the right, because most users are right-handed, and the mouse cursor is on the right. This makes it easier for the user to respond to the message that appears.

Not sure which pop-up to choose? Test different patterns and locations. The main thing is not to overdo it with their number. If you have any doubts or questions, please contact our experts at experts@enpop.io


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Service Vs Freelancer

Why do I need a service, if any template designer can place a pop-up on the site? If you don’t want this pop-up to bring benefits, as a diploma for the first place in the competition of readers in primary school, then please.

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For what purposes should pop-ups be used?

The pop-up — it’s about information. This is an effective way to tell the site visitor something or to learn something from them.

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Pop-ups increase the subscriber base, promote the product, and attract customers.

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