Service Vs Freelancer

Olga Gubareva

She writes content, loves cats, dogs, wine and picking on designers.

Why do I need a service, if any template designer can place a pop-up on the site? If you don’t want this pop-up to bring benefits, as a diploma for the first place in the competition of readers in primary school, then please. In order for the pop-up to bring benefits and money, you need to work on it. We’ll tell you why no man is an island.


Even if you find a cool freelancer with positive reviews, an affordable price list, and a great sense of humor, this doesn’t mean that working with them will be trouble free.
Freelancer is also a human. They are sometimes sick, sometimes they have a force majeure, they may underestimate the complexity of the project or change their mind about the price. It’s good if you list all the details in the contract on the shore, but many still work based on honesty. Service is coordinated teamwork. At first, you discuss all the nuances of the project, mark them in the contract, and only then the team gets down to business. If someone went on vacation or on sick leave, their task is picked up by others.


As soon as you accept the work of a freelancer, that’s it, their mission is over. The Moor has done their Duty, the Moor can leave. If a month later you have something fall off and stop working, this is your problem. Even if you contact the same freelancer, it’s not a fact that they’ll have time to take up your project again.
The support of the enPop service is its pride. Managers around the clock in touch, they’ll answer you on weekends and holidays, quickly deal with any problem and tell you what can be improved.

Development flexibility

The freelancer is a simple person: as the task was set, they did it. Even if they know in advance that your idea is not viable. You paid and ordered it. The reverse situation is also possible, when you are told that the task is impossible. Although, that could be because the person is afraid of too complicated implementation or doesn’t have enough experience.
enPop is not afraid of complexity. If you want some feature that is not yet in service, we’ll add it. We tell you why this idea is not good, but if you do it like this, it will be cool. Any feedback from the client is important because it allows the service to become better.

For example, at the request of one of the clients, we made it possible to hide the pop-up automatically at a certain time of inactivity, so that it wasn’t intrusive. For another client, we added integration with Google Analytics. Now all actions on pop-ups are reflected in GA (if you specify this in the settings), and it’s possible to evaluate their effectiveness.

Design and interface

You’ll be lucky if you find a freelancer who is equally good at design, and HTML-coding. Then your project will work without bugs and look stylish. Otherwise, you risk getting scary, but still pop-ups, or beautiful, but broken pop-ups. You can find two freelancers: one is responsible for the visual, the other — for the technical side. But the problems associated with the formulation of tasks, coordination, deadlines, and payment will be twice as much.

Hiring a service, you hire a team of professionals. Everyone is good in their field and knows how to interact with colleagues.
The service interface is designed so that it’s convenient to work on a person who has never before encountered pop-ups. All innovations are tested, and all the inconveniences are removed.

In the choice between the freelancer and the service, the last word is yours. The main thing is that your chosen partner doesn’t deceive you and guarantees the high quality of the project.


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