For what purposes should pop-ups be used?

Olga Gubareva

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Pop-up — it’s about information. This is an effective way to tell a site visitor something or to learn something from them.
For convenience, we divide pop-ups into 3 categories: collecting, surveys, and info.


Those who decide to increase their subscriber base to infinity or grow from scratch must have a collecting pop-up. For example, one well-known publisher monthly increases its base by an average of 12% using our enPop service.
You can collect not only names and emails but also other data that you need. But making a pop-up in the form of a questionnaire for friends is a bad idea. The potential customer came to the site with a specific purpose and he doesn’t have time for any nonsense.

Anyway, no one admits that one of his favorite songs is by the group «The Pussycat Dolls.»

Examples of our customers’ pop-ups:

And some more pop-ups for inspiration:


The surest way to find out something is to ask about it directly. Right in the pop-up. You can find out the preferences of the client: what infuriates him, what he likes, and what he lacks. Or you can create a bazinga-survey. It won’t bring you valuable information, but it’ll cheer up the visitor.

We have discovered a dirty secret about mankind: everyone loves taking stupid surveys and pushing buttons. Especially if they are funny.


An info pop-up will alert the customer to promotions and contests, orient the buyer in the order stages and heroically try to stop the visitor when he decides to leave the site. The main thing is not to overdo it in your desire to notify site visitors about everything in the world.

Reminder: Brevity is the soul of wit. Chekhov is a genius. Pop-up shouldn’t enrage.

May the leads, the conversion, and the ROI be with you!


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